60 minute session • $125.00

Three 60 minutes sessions• $300.00          

Hypnosis is a narrowing of attention so that distractions are shut out and a focused awareness is achieved. It is not a mysterious state, but a state that every person, with very few exceptions can easily reach. The conscious mind, which is the rational and analytic mind, is suspended for a time. The unconscious mind, which holds all our emotions, our memories and our creativity, is more fully accessed to provide resources not usually available. The trance state is similar to meditation. In this state the innate powers of the human mind, which are usually untapped, flow freely and enhance every area of life.  People describe trance differently, but generally everyone agrees that it is a relaxing and pleasant experience. Many people are surprised that they continue to experience thoughts, hear sounds and even speak while in trance. You are aware of what is going on, you will not do or say anything that is not in harmony with your deepest nature. The unconscious mind is your truest friend and constant protector. Theratique has several providers that offer hypnosis. Sessions are currently offered at 60 minutes.

The Biomat, a NASA developed medical device using far infrared rays for heat, negative ion therapy for cellular vitality, and amethyst quartz for healing, calming and detoxing, is included in this service upon request.