About Theratique…

March 1990, two girls met on a school bench and became lifelong friends. 30 years later Theratique was created.

Theratique was founded by lifelong friends, Hope Gersovitz and Jessica Joyce. Located on Canal Street in New Orleans, Theratique is a therapeutic boutique with a mission to provide a holistic approach to women’s health and wellness. Theratique has worked to create an inviting space for women struggling with issues involving fertility, stress, marriage, and menopause and seeks to be a place of rest, relaxation, and centering for all of our clients.

Theratique offers counseling, Reiki, hypnosis, and reflexology.


Meet the staff…


Julie Benoit, PLPC, NCC, ADS


Julie Benoit is a native of New Orleans and went to school at the University of New Orleans for both her bachelor’s and master’s degree. For the past three years, Julie has been treating individuals who experience substance use disorders and addiction. Julie also treats clients experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, and several other issues.

Julie tailors her counseling sessions to fit the need of each individual client. This may include cognitive behavioral, solution focused, or mindfulness-based interventions. She is also a licensed acupuncture detoxification specialist and provides a variety of relaxation techniques to her clients. Julie is passionate about helping others take control over their lives and believes that everyone has the ability to create lasting change. Julie is currently accepting new clients, has a flexible schedule, and offers a sliding fee scale.


Annick J Burke, LMT, CHT

Counseling, Hypnosis, Reiki

Annick is a Karuna(r) Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotist. She has been working in the intuitive healing arts since 2001. However, she has been interested in all things metaphysical since she was a child. This interest arose when her mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At the time, an effective treatment was not available. Annick wanted to try and help her mother relax, so she began to read books recommended to her by her mother’s massage therapist. Reading these books sparked a passion. As she grew up, she was able to use these techniques for her own benefit and began to travel around the country, learning from the best teachers she could find. To increase her ability to help others, Annick is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and plans to become a Licensed Counselor. Her passion lies in helping people who feel emotionally and physically overwhelmed by the hectic energy that surrounds them each day. Not only will she help you relax and gain clarity, but she can give you tools to use on your own to promote a feeling of calm and increased spiritual connection.


Sanna Clark, PLPC


Sanna offers a holistic style of counseling, focusing on the gifts and strengths you already have and building off of those. Her practice philosophy is based on optimism and a deep belief that all want to and can heal. Sanna’s goal is to walk with you, support you, problem solve, and dive deep with you on your path. She also loves working with children as young as 4 years old and likes to work closely with parents.

One holistic technique that Sanna offers is personalized guided meditation. She will work with you to create a meditation experience, tailored to your unique story and needs, and she will guide you in a state of peace and safety. You and Sanna will decide the goals and images of this journey together. People ask Sanna to create meditations for purposes such as grieving a deceased loved one or gaining self-confidence. Sanna also uses art in counseling, as well as creative writing, in order to tap into deep parts of ourselves.

She received a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of New Orleans and a Masters in Counseling from University of Holy Cross. Sanna has over 3 years of experience with a large variety of clients and is currently accepting new clients.

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Amelia Council, MSC, MAT, PLPC


Amelia provides counseling to couples, families, and individuals of all ages, backgrounds, genders, nationalities, races, sexual orientations, cultures and beliefs, who face challenges related to depression, anxiety, stress, communication, body image disorders, bipolar disorder, career decisions, aging, parenting, and relationships.

Amelia uses an active and collaborative treatment approach. She counsels from a strength-focused, logical and holistic perspective, emphasizing awareness of the connection between the brain, the mind, and the body. She believes that making small positive changes can yield significant results. Whether your goal is to improve your relationships or overall wellness; reduce your anxiety or negative thinking patterns; and/or develop your communication skills, she will support you in determining how to begin and maintain those changes.

Amelia graduated with her Masters of Arts in Teaching from University of Alaska in 2001 and received her Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling in July of 2019 from the University of Louisiana. She is currently a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor working under the clinical supervision of Ms. Donna Hunstock, LPC, LPC-S, NCC. Amelia is currently accepting new clients, and has a flexible schedule including evening and Saturday appointments. She is able to provide counseling to individuals who prefer to speak Spanish.


Sara Estes, LPC

Counseling, Hypnosis

Sara Estes is thrilled to be a part of the Theratique practice as a therapist and as Director of Client Relations. She received her Master’s in Counseling from the University of New Orleans in 2012 and has been in private practice ever since. Sara has a passion for helping others, as well as connecting them to resources that best suit their needs. Her client centered approach fits perfectly with Theratique’s wellness model of working with clients to improve their overall health. Sara is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has experience working with adults and teens struggling with mental health issues. She is available by appointment for counseling sessions, as well as working as a liaison between healing professionals and clients.


Christina Leslie, LPC


Christina was born and raised in the great city of New Orleans. Christina is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified School Counselor in Louisiana. She is also in the process of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and awaiting approval to become a National Certified Counselor (NCC). She has over 7 years of experience working with clients of various backgrounds with moderate to severe mental health issues. She received her Masters from Southern University A&M College in Mental Health Counseling. She also received her Bachelors from Louisiana State University in Psychology with a minor in Leadership Development. Christina uses a multitude of therapies to assist clients for an engaging and therapeutic experience. She is accepting new clients for evening and weekend counseling appointments.


Amanda Love, PLPC


Amanda Love is a native of New Orleans. After living in California for 17 years, she returned to her beloved home to bring her expertise to our great city. She earned her BA from Loyola University in Psychology in 1984, graduated in nursing from LSU in 1994 and earned her MA in psychology from Pepperdine University in 2014. She has been counseling clients using a holistic, strength based model of therapy for four years.

Amanda treats clients with anxiety, PTSD, depression, Bipolar disorder, addictions of any kind, relationship difficulties, life transitions, chronic illness or pain, issues related to adoption, divorce and other difficulties.

Empathy, intuition, relationship and resilience are the touchstones of her practice. She will listen to you with sensitivity and intuition and use techniques such as Interpersonal Therapy, CBT, and dream work to help you find clarity and overcome the struggles in your life.


Catharine Swain, LMFT


Catharine Swain is a native of New Orleans. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Pre-Marital Counselor. Catharine has been practicing for over 5 years, working with people of all backgrounds, and with moderate to severe issues. She completed her masters and education specialist degrees at Seton Hall University. Catharine loves working with couples, and helping others on their journey toward finding clarity and calm during stressful times. She is available for appointments, her schedule is open on weekdays and Saturdays.


Joy Taylor, counselor intern

Counselor Intern

For the past twenty years, Joy has worked as an educator with the vast majority of this time spent in public middle schools. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University and is currently working on a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Capella University. Joy is presently a counseling intern under the clinical supervision of Dr. Hope Gersovitz, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT.


Sandra Sigur, Reflexologist


Sandra Sigur, is a Certified Reflexologist (hands, feet, face and ears), Lymphatic LMT, Yoga Instructor, Reiki/Energy Practitioner, Aromatherapist, and Author of ‘Healing Groovy’ – a realistic holistic guide for the layperson. Other areas of Immune, Energy and Detox support include Ionic Foot Detox, Self-Energy Testing for Supplements, Body Brushing, Korean Hand Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Acid/Alkaline Balancing, Chakra Balancing, Ear Candling and pet therapies.

She was raised in New Orleans with Cajun/Irish roots. Her PawPaw was a Traiteur (a Cajun Faith Healer recognized by the Catholic Church). She moved back home to New Orleans to be near family and share wellness awareness with the community.

Her expertise has afforded her appearances on health talk shows, a wellness radio show, numerous health publications, as well as Health Fairs and meetings on Capitol Hill to speak with Members of Congress to discuss making complementary care covered by insurance for all Americans.

Meet the owners…


Hope Gersovitz, PHD, LPC-S, LMFT

Hope has been a prominent therapist in New Orleans for over 17 years. During this time, her passion for working with others has led her to explore alternative therapies and treatments. As a native of New Orleans, Hope has a unique perspective on the city and how she can best provide a variety of services to her clientele. Her research and experience inspired the vision for Theratique, a “one stop therapy shop.” In addition to counseling, clients can enhance their experience through massage, reiki, hypnosis, nutrition, spiritual counseling, and acupuncture. Hope believes that her vision will provide the ultimate holistic approach, by helping clients assess needs of the mind, body and spirit. The goal is to achieve balance in all aspects of one’s life by putting health and healing first.

Hope is an LPC-S, LMFT, PhD in addition to being the owner of Theratique and will be available for counseling and hypnosis sessions. Hope has her Masters in Counseling from Louisiana State University.


Jessica Joyce

Jessica Joyce is a native of New Orleans and has cultivated her interest in alternative therapies over the past few years. She earned her degree in Business from the University of New Orleans in 2010. Since this time, she has invested time and research in how to create a place in New Orleans to house alternative therapies. She is particularly passionate about Theratique’s holistic approach. Jessica understands that it is important to look at all parts of a person’s experience to help them heal. She is very dedicated to her endeavors and is personally invested in seeing every individual’s experience of finding their true selves. Don’t be surprised to see Jessica in all aspects of Theratique, as she is not only an owner but dedicated to daily operations for this venture.

Theratique offers you a holistic approach to health. Through our blended therapy approach, we help you achieve the best version of you.
— Hope Gersovitz, co-owner of Theratique